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Birthing The Heart and Mind of God 3-Month Extension Course - MP3 Download


Product Description

“This entire class is the most authentic/God connected material I have ever heard - and I have most.”

— P. Dymond, Canada

This energetic, vibrationally experiential addition to the 9-month course, “Birthing The Heart and Mind of God” came forth as a request from students worldwide.

Each desired to take the original course a step higher to meet the ultimate needs and requirements to raise their vibrations and frequencies to meet the bandwidth of energy of the 5th Dimension, and stabilize it.

This additional "Extension Course" delivers just that!

You will experience what it means and feels like to live in a state of higher consciousness - a state of pure love, being fully connected in the present moment and vibrationally elevated. This is the space where you will fully experience what it means to love yourself and connect to your purpose on this planet at this magnificent time.

“I feel the vibration of love within me increased exponentially and the love of the angels around me so strongly.”

— A. Lambert

“This was perhaps the most profound, affirming thing I have ever heard. Every cell in my body knew without a doubt that I was hearing the Truth that came directly from the Divine. Wow!”

— Jessica Wares

“Thanks to this course my mind is finally empty and my heart is completely full. This course carries the peace that passes all understanding.”

Love and blessings to you,

— Mary P. Hanning

“I have been listening to the CD’s of Birthing the Heart and Mind of God almost daily and it has helped me so much. I have heart and cancer issues that are directly related to all of the negative emotions and thoughts that I have had over the years. Now, they are all leaving me thanks to Birthing The Heart and Mind of God. “

— Linda Anderson

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