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Shapeshift Your Human Experience MP3 Download


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People have called the energy transmissions from this 8-hour teleseminar "Shapeshift Your Human Experience," the most powerful they have ever felt.

Sight is returning to one. Rewiring in the brain is being felt by many. Clarity for the first time ever in many areas of life, are being had. Walls of resistance have fully transmuted. The Masters, Angels, and Archangels are making themselves palpably known to us all. This has gone beyond my own understanding of what would occur, and we are all being blessed.

If you didn't make the live Tele-Get-Together and would like to have the profound live recordings of it to assist you in moving through 2011 and into 2012 with grace and power, we have made it appropriately affordable for you.
You may download the MP3 downloads of all three Tele-Get-Togethers, eight hours, to your computer, iPhones, iTunes and more.
Included in this fully channeled series is the Platinum Ray dispensation and activation that came from Lord Metatron and changed many lives. It also includes the journey into the Jade Temple, a beautiful Message from St. Germain, Powerful Messages from the Masters, energetic realignments, and a group healing. And yes you will feel it! Energy travels and it's definitely traveled into this 8-hour series.
You are a heartbeat away from the sacred conclusion of pain, polarity and duality. This series will definitely empower you to get there, and is a powerful gift to give to you, your family, and your friends.

Will You Be Ready?

 Ask Yourself These Most Important Questions.

How will you begin the next cycle of your life?
How will you neutralize and release your past, before moving on?
How will you bypass your human mind to get to your Higher Mind?
How will you align each aspect of your life, to hit the bull's eye of manifestation and joy?
Will you have the courage to be authentic?
Do you know how?
Are you frequency ready to magnetize and recognize Divine relationships?

"You Can't Make Up The Answers In Your Mind.
You Must Change Your Energetic Alignments."


Dearest Maureen,
I couldn't hear the last 10 minutes of the Q and A as I was crying so hard with love and gratitude...still am crying...to You and Spirit for being with me (us) tonight.
Thank you , thank you, thank you for this series Maureen, when you speak, your words have great power......I always KNEW that THIS is the FOUNDATION of EVERYTHING...to love myself, to bring all the disowned parts back into the fold, to know who I AM and be a beacon of that LOVE for everyone. Thank you for re-minding and validating me again, giving us tools and for listening to Spirit when you were prompted to do this Tele-Get-Together.

May you be at Peace and experience Love All ways,

— Ingrid


Dearest Maureen,
POWERFUL!!! From night one, I could feel the spiritual guidance and energy enter my body in waves, feels like a thousand points of light tingling all over my body, especially when you call in the Masters and Angels! I feel their presence profoundly as tears pour down my face. When you invoked the Platinum light it was a powerful emanation. Afterward I sat in silence and felt the love radiate thru my body as I sent it into Mother Earths Crystaline grid and as I sent the Platinum Ray toward my loved ones near and far away.
Tonight, was again amazing! So many personal insights, so much movement! And when the Platinum Ray came in tonight it was 4 times as strong and was coming in waves and waves and waves, powerful waves.
Maureen, your presence in my life has had a profound effect on me, and yes, I know it is because I am ready! I am much more intuitive, peaceful and calm and the fear that I had in my body is GONE! I no longer worry or stress about anything, for I know that I am LOVE!! I know that I am here for a purpose and I am getting on with it!
Thank you so much for offering this precious gift to us, to the world and I am so excited about this series and the profound changes I am already experiencing!
In Light and Love

— L. Duncan


Dear Maureen,
Here are some of the experiences I've had during this series:
A feeling of total safety, love, and support. The message I got from my guides was "you made it!"
All the multi dimensional pieces of my life formed in a pattern that I could understand and finally accept and then be in gratitude for.
On Saturday, I received the clearest message I have gotten in a long time about how to flow the energy through me into the world. Tears flowed down my face. I continue to be guided in what I was given to do while on Earth.
This series is priceless to me.
So much love and gratitude to you.

— B. Buenger


Dear Maureen,

Tues. 16th as soon as you began to call in the Archangels - I felt a magnetic/electrical rewiring go up through the back of my neck and brain, right back and front brain and down into the frontal lobe.
I have had many many brain injuries - and in the process have lost a lot of my visioning - On wed. i woke up without depression and also on Thurs. I don't talk about this to others as i remember having vision and now have fog. I am so happy to wake up with hope - I got a clear shift - (i also feel the possibility for the first time of reclaiming vision even though i have had to work without it for many.
Thank you so so much,

— Sara


Dearest Maureen,
Thank you for your dedication, love and commitment, because if we are the way showers, you are the way shower for the way showers!
Much love and light,

— R. Cordova


Hello Maureen,
I have been part of the Tele-Get-Togethers and can hardly find the words to express my gratitude to you and the Masters for what is being shared.
The messages from these gatherings and my experience of them are lovingly and powerfully creating a sense and greater awareness for me of what my life purpose is here this time (for the first time in my life). This is an amazing feeling and gift.
I feel much gratitude for you, your gifts, the Masters, and all that is shared. Again, thank you so much!
Love and blessings,

— A. Lambert



The past week has been the best week of my life. I found out about the classes less than a week ago; I registered: I remembered. I awake each day with the knowing that I am loved and that I am love. The tools that I got from these past 6 sessions have changed my life. I love when you said that when you know better, you can't go back. Every cell in my body knows that this is Truth. I am forever grateful to you and all the magnificent beings that you work with,

— C. Anderson



I believe you rocked the consciousness of all dimensions, Master's Guides, Angels and Human Souls.
Merci beaucoup,

— Ellenxx,


Hi dear Maureen,

Wow. Double Wow. Thank you forever for what you are doing to assist so many on the way UP! I feel markedly elevated into dozens of new awarenesses since last night. YES, I will trust. Bring it on ;-)

A thousand blessings,

— D. McCourtney

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